Investacc Insurance Brokers is one of the leading insurance service providers dedicated to assist you to have an adequate insurance program for your assets and liabilities.

We are one of the fastest growing broking houses in India providing a one-stop solution for a wide range of services like Best Tailor Made Insurance Solutions, Claims Management, Insurance Audit and Renewal Reviews. Capitalising on the expertise that we possess, we ensure a flexible and an innovative way of doing business with our clients promising them utmost satisfaction with our services. We always look forward to welcome our clients and endeavour to build an everlasting and a growing relationship with them. We seek to provide the peace of mind for our clients through high quality insurance products, backed with exceptional service of our staff.

Investacc was established in 2013 by Mr. Hitesh K. Lakhani & Dhruvesh K. Lakhani, having vast experience of over three decades collectively. Having such a strong background in the field of insurance and with their vision, Investacc is established for catering to life and non- life sector.

We are built on the foundation of building strong and ever-growing relationships with various business entities and establishing a trustworthy brand name for us. Investacc focuses on de-risking the unknown and unforeseen risks faced by their clients and adding value to all its stakeholders, including clients, employees and regulators.

We are managed by a strong management, with a blend of youth and experience, which is extremely futuristic in their approach and ensures delivery of real-time services. Investacc follows a sector specific approach by having dedicated teams catering to different sectors. Our main focus is on various lines of business like Assets, Liabilities, Aviation, Aerospace, Banks and Financial Institutions, Construction and Infrastructure, Leisure, Manufacturing and Services, Power & Energy.